It was the 21st century, Phönix-Staffel`s darkest hour.
The Renovatio had stood there for almost twohundred days, we had been fighting for so long no one could remember the reason why it all started in the first place.
All we knew is that there were 2 Sides the Pirates and the Anti-Pirates. For decades millions died for the same piece of rock. Again and again,
Finally one side managed to gain the upperhand. The inactivity.

In desperation Phönix-Staffel founded 5 new Squads. Their hope was for them to begin again far from the war and strife that had befallen Freelancer, to start free from the prejudices that had divided us for so long.
Each Squad was christened after its primary game.

Minecraft, Battlefield, Black Prophecy, Battlestar Galactica Online, Star Trek Online.

Against all odds Star Trek Online broke through the inactivity blockade and headed for the next clan game.

One by one all the remaining games where overrun until all that remained was our Teamspeak.
It was here Phönix-Staffel forces prepared for one gallant last chance for Freelancer.
But then something happend that no one could have ever imagined. It arrived.

It was our first contact with Star Citizen and for a moment we forgot all our differences.
We just stood there unfolded by it’s size and beauty.
It was ironic that in those moments we were finally united as people.
But this revelation could only be saved in those few bitter seconds for this game had not been released yet.

That was 17 months ago, when we came here to rebuild our lives. We’ve gone a long way since then.
We have grown, we have prospered, we have flourished, but we will never forget.

Freelancer Original Intro